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Superior Jewelry Refiners, Leading the Way Since 1998

THE NATIONAL REFINING GROUP, INC. delivers a superior level of quality service and job consistency throughout our industry. Our support begins with the shipment of materials from your facility to ours, and continues throughout the entire process. Attention to every detail is our highest priority.

Environmentally Sound Facility

We work in an environmentally sound facility that meets EPA standards. Whether your material requires burning or melting, all stages are performed safely in house and individually. Upon completion, you are notified about the results.

Other Services

In addition to our refining capabilities, THE NATIONAL REFINING GROUP, INC. creates individually tailored services to suit your company's needs. They range from precious metal hedging to inventory management, and include the physical delivery of metal ready for fabrication. We can further assist you in developing a strategy for managing your precious metals.

We Serve

We serve customers throughout New York City, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, as well as Connecticut and New Jersey. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Jewelers
• Dentists
• Retailers
• Pawnshops
• MFG's
• Wholesalers 
• Polishers
• Contractors
• Business Buyers/Mining
• Private Buyers
• Other Dealers
• Special Orders Shops

Payment Options

We offer a variety of settlement options such as wire transfers, check, payment in precious metal such as coin, bars or granes.